This site is called easy BREASTS. When all is well – they are too. When they are happy – so are we. Our bodies are wondrous. When we follow nature, we heal. 

We always have choices – options. We could make friends with our bodies. Or we could try to control them as they message us – by being somehow errant. Troublesome even. Did we stop to think – maybe this is us being a trial to the body we live in?

Any gender, age, or phase of life – when our breasts are happy – we are also – so are our wombs! Breasts – and our cycles when menstruating – are our health reports.


Please be aware that you are on  a natural health/life explanation site.

This is NOT medical. Whatever that means to you. I expect you to take away the pieces that this site gifts you, and fit them into your own puzzle. You have choices. You may need more information. I come from a lifetime of asking different questions. The answers I have found sit aside from what is usually out there – as it did not work – for those who chose me a s their ‘fix-it person – often after decades of trying to follow what was not working 0n that medical model.

Where we follow life and its flows. Be fearful and do what you are told to do . .wait for catastrophe – have no idea how you set it up and be ‘a good girl’ and hand over all  . . is that all there is? What is your body telling you? Even if there is  a ‘family’ history – maybe it is the energy and the memories and the experiences (do not mention the  . . . ) that led you to get stuck, teh flows to stop flowing – and form there  that awkward tissue growing where it is not supposed to interface  – and all that freak out entails. .  I originally posted this site as a reaction to the idea that our breasts will kill us and some are choosing to amputate (and enhance)  . .

I have spent my professional life assisting women whose bodies seem to have betrayed them. Then the care they sought also . . Living in fear is not the way out of where we are. Let all the flows designed to flow do so!

Time to reclaim ourselves

Breasts – we all have (had) them. They do form part of our reproductive scenery. They hold the space for clothes to drape from. They also are a measure of our health. They reflect our body’s ability to be flexible. And to clear itself of life residue. More so than the menstrual cycle.


 As a senior natural health detective, working mainly on the cusp of ‘what next?”/when all else has not ‘worked’ – I offer some easy answers. We may still be cycling/bleeding – or we may have left that long ago. We may have heard that in our lives, 1 in 8 women will be struck with cancer in them. Why not make friends with yours?

How to do this?
Undo what upsets them.
We will go into areas that you may not have heard of before.
This site has a large section on feeding babies – that is their function.
A close friend – herself a very senior midwife/lactation consultant – another wise woman assists in this area.

We started on this project over 10 years ago – and life intervened.  I return to it now.
If lactation is your interest in being here – please go also to my easybabies site(CLICK). These are all being revisited after at least a decade as my life has changed focus. Now is the time for me to hand over the wealth of life experience gained in my life’s work. – as a woman, a mother, a health care professional, a teacher of many and a We may have had surgical breast issues. Why not discover how they are your health report card?

Be warned that this is in no way ‘medical’ advice

It is about life. And health. And their return to you. . .

Going deeper . . .

What I offer here is beyond the scope of practice of any (‘natural’ even) medical professional. 

Much like cooking – what is the recipe? I invite your  to ponder on Life Recipe here (CLICK)

Each post on this site is part of a recipe (easy breasts). We need the right ingredients to then make our breasts happy via the right method – life flows flowing. Easy breasts will result. Definitely not to be a source of fear and potential horror to the extent that you cut them off!!

I have discovered by working with women, as a mum, now as an older woman, always as a teacher/mentor of many that what works – always does. Follow nature.  Deviate – and trouble awaits. Much of what could have been passed down through oral traditions is found here. Women’s business. I hope my life time of working with women in natural, practical, common sense ways will allay some of your concerns. 

If you wish to take this self responsible approach further – there is always more to explore with me.
Go deeper. Please look at the Self Care package that will gift you all you need to Live Well.



Whilst these moves are to enhance breastfeeding ease, they can be used for anyone to loosen back and upper body tension.

Also for any breathing or arm congestion – as lymphatic movement is the key to an easy life.


The belly work is for everyone – no age division.


MOXA – anything that ails you will feel better when your body is given this life!

Back pain disappears!

Resources instantly fixing all that upsets her.

If you have come in through the Learning to Birth summit .

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