Here you have found the response from a senior natural health problem solver who is constantly surprised at the lack of useful working knowledge available to all. Where did common sense go? There IS a ‘wealth’ of medical ‘facts’ – MEN based . . .

Why do we even listen to those who do not bleed, breed or breast feed?

I originally posted this site as a reaction to the idea that our breasts will kill us and some are choosing to amputate (and enhance)  . .

I have called this site easy BREASTS as when all is well – they are too. When they are happy – so are we.

And so are our wombs!

There are options – BE Well!
Any gender, age, or phase of life – when our breasts are happy

Time to reclaim ourselves!!!





As mammals, all women have them.

Yet – we now seem to be programmed to worry  . .  . .

About the potential of our women’s bits and especially our breasts have to maybe mess with living.

Be warned that this is in no way ‘medical’ advice

It is about life. And health. And their return to you. . .

Beyond the scope of practice of any (‘natural’ even) medical professional. These days possibly the health care worker who has a degree – as mostly these have been rewritten to be seen to be ‘safe’ (toeing the current dogma) – that is within the current standard medical (not health) guidelines.

Each post is part of a recipe (easy breasts) – we need the right ingredients to then make our breasts happy via the right method – whatever it is that is intended. Easy breasts – as they are not supposed to be hard, or tricky or even difficult to live with.

Definitely not to be a source of fear and potential horror to the extent that you cut them off!!

What I have discovered by working with women, being one myself, and a mum and now an older woman. This is the whole of what I have found to work for women in my clinic, from my constant research and distilling this into a more usable form.

It is what all would have known in the past – what could have been passed down through oral traditions. Women’s business. I do hope my nearly 40 years of working with women in a natural and a common sense way will allay some of your fears.

If you wish to take this self responsible approach further – please look at the Self Care package that will gift you all you need to Live Well.


Whilst these moves are to enhance breastfeeding ease, they can be used for anyone to loosen back and upper body tension.

Also for any breathing or arm congestion – as lymphatic movement is the key to an easy life.


The belly work is for everyone – no age division.


MOXA – anything that ails you will feel better when your body is given this life!

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Resources instantly fixing all that upsets her.

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