Please note that this is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE

Orthodox /mainstream medicine doesn’t ‘do’ health or wellness.

This is written by one who works with those who are not being helped by orthodox means.
That means the body’s equivalent of the emergency roadside assistance. I am your body’s mechanic and owner’s manual rolled into one. Pretending that the red warning light on your car’s dashboard means nothing and your covering it up – that is what you are told to with medical ‘help’ – crisis aversion once things are impossible to live with.
Hence you have found this – as emergency medicine is not the only way to live.

This is essential (breast) health advice

Life. Where is the research to say that we are ‘safe’ in the toxic desert our bodies are becoming due to the rampant overuse of all that is seen as ‘safe’ as there is no actual research into what happens when we are lacking in nutrients?

Mildred Sellig has been into this with magnesium for 40 years . . What happens when you are depleted in magnesium?

I have had over the decades a practice full of happy women who discover that the body is not made up of bits – but that it works as a whole. All mothers and all who fed others know this. Always people leave my clinic with one of the essentials – topical (on the skin) magnesium. Why? We are all the better for it.

Look as to why we need it here – the middle of the page – the good Dr will tell you well – but please do not consider testing – it is not needed – and the blood tests will hopefully show that you have 1% – if you didn’t you would be having heart attack – the body pulls magnesium from wherever to keep you alone which means that when the heart goes – you are in magnesium deficiency shock.

Please investigate – there is so much online about this and it is a travesty that all who attend a medical practitioner do not have all their nutrient levels put back to a functional state so vibrancy is able to reassert itself.

Like the Selenium issue we covered here – magnesium is blocked by the presence of minute amounts of mercury – and where do we get that? The fact is – if the topical magnesium prickles/burns/is uncomfortable – that is your warning that the mercury is a problem. Within a week usually using the drops here – it goes I know myself that my heart problem receded when I was on these drops for just a few months.

 What to do to rescue yourself – take the liquid activated zeolites – I have seen no other way to rescue the vaccine damaged and otherwise angry/ADHD children – also the people who have tried everything in an attempt to help their gut health (think IBS/ Crohn’s disease and all GERD and ulcers and so on – when you lack magnesium – for just 4 days the ‘bad’ gut bacteria take over – and where we then have ‘leaky gut’ and all that follows with Candida overgrowths etc – as I said – this is a whole system – not the breast or the gut – but all of you – especially how you feel – look to the ‘stress’ and the anxiety – all of this is nutrient malabsorption and thus malnutrition – not a lack of anti depressants!!!

All are asking the wrong questions. Be it about Vitamin D3 or bone health – the magnesium is need to use the calcium and they act as a seesaw – if you have one – often the other is blocked. As all are so sure that calcium is the key in aging bones – all have missed the truth – Vitamins D3, K2 and boron as well as magnesium – not calcium (that is chalk after all). Calcium cannot be used for bones/teeth whatever in the body alone. Why is magnesium not mentioned in other health info?
Or other ingredients for that matter?   What to expect using topical magnesium on breasts?

A lump story

She had a severe lump after having gigantomastia It all got too much – she was still exclusively breastfeeding her brain injured son at 3 years old (he could not swallow solid food yet) and the golf ball size cyst was too hard/ painful to ignore any longer the GP agreed. He got her an appointment immediately with the local hospital’s breast clinic. The day before her appointment she had visited me, and I had given her a magnesium gel product to help her and her son – and suggested that she slathered it all over everyone – especially the breast that was causing grief.

That night almost asleep, she jumped up as she had forgotten – and did so. Next morning getting the older daughter to school, she went to the hospital. No lump! “That must have been the magnesium” she says. Of course all thought her mad. Off to the scanning machine – no lumps – “must have been the magnesium” she says again . . Really that is all she did – no painful needle drainage needed.
I told this story later to a friend, and she told a friend, and she used the gel on her own breast lump and it was half the size the next morning! Be aware that there is more going on – and this is part of the solution as seen below –on a fibrocystic breast and the remaining lumps – (think instantly of selenium depletion – see post 2) and the mercury and other heavy metal contamination that is making this a new world problem that is beyond the scope of practice for all medical people. This is health, not a medical issue – as I affirm here – your own responsibility so you do not break down any further!

Another lump story “Thanks for your advice on the Lugol’s. Since you advised it some months ago via FB for a particularly large breast lump I had (have hundreds of smaller lumps anyway due to fibrocystic breasts), I started applying it topically every day. Amazingly the large lump reduced within a week and after went down to practically nothing. Unfortunately I still have all the other lumps and I keep the daily application going on different parts of the body. Have to be a little careful in not applying huge amounts as I’ve had itchy rashes come up from it before. I’m also still taking a dessert spoon a day of ground up dried wakame from clean waters. I really appreciated your advice – it was a god send thank you – I was so relieved when the large lump went down!”

What is happening? Need more Selenium and also to undo why the fibroscystic breasts – see all the posts to get the answer – and we will get to ‘diseases’ and ‘conditions’ eventually – stay with me – first we have to have the ingredients – like baking cake – not the right mix without all of them.

See more on lumps also here – post #3


We will get to problems as I work through this set of posts  – be aware that no one would have these issues if we looked after nutrition and cleaned out toxicity on all levels (including emotional and we will get there). I have some links below for those who feel threatened by the mere existence of their breasts

(cancer waiting in the wings supposedly).

It is all a lack of what you need and too much of what you don’t. Magnesium activates over 300 different biochemical reactions

necessary for your body to function properly. When the body is magnesium deficient, cholesterol continues to be produced in excess, which may cause cholesterol build-up. In The Magnesium Miracle, Dr. Carolyn Dean tells you how magnesium acts as a natural statin, limiting cholesterol production and preventing cholesterol build-up.  Besides getting magnesium through your diet, applying magnesium oil topically can also be helpful.

Hence all I say here especially about cancer will appall all who have the modern medical religion default setting. I am serious. Where is the logic in giving a withered plant chemicals? Radiation? It likely just needs water. Likely also minerals – as we do – especially as we age. . .

When we speak of the Liver energy in a few days (preview here) you will see why this is. We need huge amounts of magnesium to function and the Liver energy will not flow well without it – leading to just about everything that ails us today – and again – mercury and other heavy metals shut the availability of magnesium down even if you are spreading it on your body (transdermally) or if you are being diligent with all supplements. Being injected with ‘helpers’ does not.

More reading here . .

Read what Dr Dean says about breasts and magnesium and cancer here
Also see what I have on another site about cancer as it is a disease of misdirection and your body can heal itself – with the right ingredients. None of them are on offer with orthodox thinking.

Do focus on wellness – what causes that?