Self care

You can easily help yourself and the circulation of all Qi and lymph and blood – thus nutrients towards your breasts and wastes away.

Therapeutic breast massage therapy is an effective “wellness” treatment for breasts, as breasts particularly need good circulation and tissue mobilization for optimum health.

Poor circulation can produce various uncomfortable symptoms.

Breast scarring (surgically and traumatically induced), which is more common than we often realize, can cause painful syndromes and obstruct blood and lymph flow.

There is such a lot going in in there!

Help your breasts maintain perfect flows



  • Increases tissue oxygenation,
  • drains toxins,
  • stimulates immunity,
  • provides relaxation,
  • may help in dissolving fluid-like cysts,
  • strengthens and adds resiliency to breast tissue,
  • relieves tightness in chest muscles,
  • promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation of breasts,
  • increases lactation,
  • reduces pain, congestion, and swelling related to PMS.

Of course this all comes back to the Liver Qi moving well . .
And having enough quality ingredients – iodine , Vit D3 and magnesium being crucial . .

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