Not enough

Maybe you need to make more?


How do you know this?

Always good to know – the size of bub’s stomach .  and the bottle feeding ideas have NOTHING to do with you as you are not filling child up with hard to digest – and babes need to suckle when they  . . .everything.

Maybe also read this …

However – when you know breast are dwindling – you have to undo why. No good just eating ‘cookies’

Build up your Blood energy and ensure that you are flowing – no tension . .


Low supply?

Easily fixed – never ever supplement feed – unless it is with your own milk –

AND you have taken steps to ensure that you are actively making more.

Body makes as much as is taken out – so best way to build up supply is to actually take it off yourself when bub starts on other breast – so it flows easier – and the baby works harder makes more for later.  .

I found that the best practice when engorged – was to save some of the milk and have it ‘on hand’ in the freezer. If you take off 20-30 ml each feed it quickly builds. Store in easily handy freezer plastic bags (have them as you are making them up in a cup withe the expressed milk in the corner of the bag – so you end up with triangles – they will be yellow to start with.
I dd this simply as I dd not want to waste it with my daughter. Invaluable a she nearly died, and when sh was ready to have naso-gastric feeding – there was so much cholostrum rich milk to start her up again.

Unlikely for most – but really helpful if you find yourself with a baby in a growth spurt and you are exhausted – hand baby and bottle over and retire to sleep after a large meal and heaps of water – you will be bulging on awakening.

How to do this well?