Obvious Size Differences

Almost all women have different sized – and sometimes shaped – breasts .
I have worked with many women – and the use of the iodine and the lymphatic drainage – that you can do yourself – is invaluable.

Were you to come in and consult me – you would be sent to with homework’

Perhaps get ahead – as with all ‘conditions’ – and in fact LIFE itself.

We need to have the essential ingredients and those circulating freely.

(If not – were is LIFE to happen?)

To answer this – and so many other burning questions – I have seen so many (and myself) have over the years – we have what you can do to allow yourself the freedom of expresson in your bod and your life.

The Self Care course has been developed – (your ‘go to’) – to allow the lymph to flow – and you to easily help yourself. Miracles’ may well happen when you start attending to what gives the physical body its instructions – the Qi flow. .

What upsets that? Emotions stuck/not released . .we all may need to get involved in our own healing and pay less attention to seeing others – after all – when all our flows flow, so does natural, normal and easy.

Liver flows – have to . .
Or we get stuck – and often as the liver energy flows through the breast – they cop it!!

Need to undo life residue – it may also be that you could take the Self Discovery curse – and find yourself and what lies beneath so much of your inner angst . . see more in the normal breasts area..