This is what mammals have breasts for.

Life support

For at least 2 years and often more – as baby needs to have immune and hormonal – as well as hydration and food – and in times past – this was the only safe way – and funnily enough still is.


Easy  . .
Ingredients and


How to start with great Blood energy to make abundant good quality milk?

Toxins in mum’s fat cells?

Unfortunately some of us end up knowing a lot after the fact . . Hind sight – what I wish I had known  . I have a vaccine damaged child see the story here

How to be safely breastfeeding?

Also here – why would we?
Do not stop breastfeeding – as you are horrified.
Just do not take more chemicals in and definitely as organic as we can be . .

Regressive autism may also be seen in unvaccinated babies — the children are cleaning out our fat cells and body – just as they did when within us growing – and this is why they are coming out

We need to have protein to build baby’s architecture 

Amino acids . . how to get it from food?

Please get Nourishing Traditions of Baby and Child Care

Immunise for life (1st 3 years of pregnancy)


Also see – vaccination reformated

Start the day well . .

Fat – is what we make baby’s brain, nervous system, hormones, life with . .

Coconuts vs cows:

Releasing pesticides and NOT losing weight whilst pregnant . .

Without taking out the toxins

Body Burden – Babies arrive with so much of what was cleaned out of mum now.

Fat – runs the body . .

How do we get the fibre and the minerals? And vitamins.  . . food. . .

Food – and the supportive environment where mum can reach out and have nourishing food every time she pops herself in baby’s mouth – and of course at least 3 large glasses of water – every sitting


Rosti recipes And some more ..

There is another page extensively covering this topic – with interviews with a senior lactation consultant/home birth midwife here.

Please look through this site as there is so much on how to breastfeed. .



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