This is what mammals have breasts for.

Life support

For at least 2 years and often more – as baby needs to have immune and hormonal – as well as hydration and food – and in times past – this was the only safe way – and funnily enough still is.


Easy  . .
Ingredients and


See further self help online resources here


How to start with great Blood energy to make abundant good quality milk?

Toxins in mum’s fat cells?

Unfortunately some of us end up knowing a lot after the fact . . Hind sight – what I wish I had known  . I have a vaccine damaged child see the story here

How to be safely breastfeeding?

Also here – why would we?
Do not stop breastfeeding – as you are horrified.
Just do not take more chemicals in and definitely as organic as we can be . .

Regressive autism may also be seen in unvaccinated babies — the children are cleaning out our fat cells and body – just as they did when within us growing – and this is why they are coming out

We need to have protein to build baby’s architecture 

Amino acids . . how to get it from food?

Please get Nourishing Traditions of Baby and Child Care

Immunise for life (1st 3 years of pregnancy)


Also see – vaccination reformated

Start the day well . .

Fat – is what we make baby’s brain, nervous system, hormones, life with . .

Coconuts vs cows:

Releasing pesticides and NOT losing weight whilst pregnant . .

Without taking out the toxins

Body Burden – Babies arrive with so much of what was cleaned out of mum now.

Fat – runs the body . .

How do we get the fibre and the minerals? And vitamins.  . . food. . .

Food – and the supportive environment where mum can reach out and have nourishing food every time she pops herself in baby’s mouth – and of course at least 3 large glasses of water – every sitting


Rosti recipes And some more ..

There is another page extensively covering this topic – with interviews with a senior lactation consultant/home birth midwife here.

Please look through this site as there is so much on how to breastfeed. .



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