Healthy Breasts

Every woman’s birth right

They are an expression of your JIng – your essence – and as such can be influenced at the hormonal pivots:

  1. Being made
  2. Puberty
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Menopause


We MUST ensure that as we are making the foundation of another’s life.

We must keep them as safe as possible.

Correcting and removing any influence that will cause later on harm

Is maternal duty of care. .

Insufficient ingredients being seen by the body – not good structures built.

Also – must be able to self heal and self nurture.

What guarantees well being?

Liver energy flowing well . .

Qi flows

Where thought and intention go  

Let us LOVE our breasts . .

Release the energy that nurtures them . .

How we feel


NOT HORMONES – they are just messengers .  . .

What messages?

Happy life . .