To live well – you need iodine – go out and source it today.
Find a compounding chemist – they do sell Lugol’s solution – and you need to paint this on – a little daily. If you have a reaction – see below for why and what  do – it means that you actually need it far more than you could have ever thought – and unfortunately as the medical focus is NOT on ingredients and flows (circulating the nutrients in and the wastes out) we are all doomed until we wake up – to be less well as the days/years pass.
Or we couls get serious about health . .

You may hear a tale of’ iodine  –  may damage your thyroid’.
Counter possibly with  the ‘need’ all the fluoride in the water if this is the case – as this is why we are now seeing an explosion in low thyroid (think of any of these – you don’t always get all of them – feel the cold when others don’t – can’t think straight/brain fog/depression/constipation/fluid everywhere and fat on hips for starters).

Low thyroid functioning

Almost every woman who comes in my clinic to see me is low thyroid (please ignore the blood tests – they measure standard not well – not healthy) and is also totally depleted in vital nutrients and we all show it up differently EXCEPT that to be woman we need at least 6x more iodine than men – to run breasts/cycle is and all ‘hormones’ – you know those things that make us apparently ‘mad’ every month?


Stop taking more contaminants in
Take out what is stuck inside you – and messing with life.

Glutathione Accelerator:

Maybe you need to get this?
Will make your cells work as they are supposed to . .

Then the selenium that is needed to use the iodine to run your body perfectly may will get to you!


Simple – where is your iodine?
I suggest that you just paint it on – this is too simple and always works –

IF you have the access of your selenium – see the page next – and how to get your selenium on board? Pull out what is blocking it.

Iodine Treats Breast Cancer, Overwhelming Evidence

This only happens when our flows are not flowing ..

What to do about this?

Today – source topical iodine – (not Betadine). Lugol’s solution.
Start using it as I suggest – you will be peeing all day and gaining yourself back.
If it stings/brings you up in a rash – that is the halides coming out of you – you can’t be allergic to iodine – it is vital for life – all the cells in your body need it – not chemicals from the store – but ingredients -.

Contact me about sourcing enough useful Selenium to assist with the absorption of this as it is crucial that you see that not  one magic piece of the puzzle – as many may be needed. All of us are by now suffering from massive malnutrition. Why? Global pollution of even the air we breathe – don’t despair – there are solutions . . .

Medically currently – there is a theme – chemicals for profit, testing, surgery etc are all done based on fear not respect for life or nature. Not nutrition. Not taking out what is blocking absorption. Not ensuring that the gut (food factory) can even work).

Health is life enhancing. Iodine allows all cells to work – and we have missed this in the modern age – think of the Korean and the Japanese seaweed rich diets – where is ours??

We do need to start with ingredients – what we are made from and what we need to run our lives (and our breasts).
Breasts need iodine and so does your cycle. (If troubled by cysts – they will go (think endometriosis and PCOS) when you have access to INGREDIENTS – what is needed to run your woman’s body – this is far more than ‘just ‘ breast – if you have swollen. sore breast pre period – here is the answer – plus please download the Period App as this will (even if you no longer have periods) navigate you through my decades of research and life experience in clinic – on your phone – be surprised at how simple life can be!!!

Tomorrow we talk HORMONES – what are you making them with?
Got the ingredients?
See here for a preview . .