Easy lactation

Should be  

Would be
IF – and these can be missed . .
You are happy – not in stress /alarm/horror about the birth or anything in your current life.
(Even farmers know that if a cow is left alone to birth overnight and it goes somewhat wrong – she will never make the milk she would have – it is not a dead calf – bu the hard time she may have  had) . Especially if alone – as they (like people) are herd animals . .

To help you get calm – here are some tips . .
You will need someone to help with some of these.

Also see here  .

Yvonne Argent (senior midwife and lactation consultant) shares some positions you may find helpful to begin breastfeeding and some habits that may be useful to start each feeding session with.

Is all about flow .

(Part of the ‘What Dads Can Do’ 2005 video series – available here)


Please remember – baby takes as much as s/he needs and then  . .

maybe starts up again – for who knows what reason – a bit later

Sense of humour may be needed,

There is a lot more found on this page

Please also look to all on the ingredients part of this site as you may well improve your health and that of the breastfeeding experience for both of you – simply by paying attention to what you are making milk (blood) with.