Vitamin D

How can this even be a topic you may wonder. .

You are about to understand why people are less well than they were even 10, definitely 30 years ago (when I was working in the same capacity, helping all change what was happening to cause them grief).

Easy – get more Vitamin D on board so you can make the right ones.

The sun gives us life.

sun through trees

So important in not just all plant’s lives, but in human ones too! Here we may need to back up a bit, and explain that the system of medicine we use and see as ‘the one’ is a crisis aversion model.

By comparison – all farming, all human endeavours until recently were based on what worked. Not what someone wrote in a book. If it didn’t work, survival floundered.

All traditional cultures had explanations for how life happened and how bodies worked. Our current one is reactive – only use when everything has fallen in a heap. Bring in the knights on white chargers. Based on accepting blindly the dogma of the day. Perhaps we may need a rethink.

holding the world in our handsWomen who tended and nurtured all through human history paid attention. They saw correlations. They had to be aware as there were no second chances. (A time of ‘the quick or the dead’). Looking into history it can be seen this connection was severed – as many who knew, who were stunningly helpful were seen as witches. Wise women, granny healers, even grandmothers have been sidelined recently as Dr Google, and before that, outside experts visiting people took over.

There does seem to be a total disconnection between cause and effect.
What you are doing has created what is happening.
Must change often much more than one thing to make the changes you want (healing).

No more so than now.
What do you think you make hormones with?
(Look to yesterday’s post as these are sequential – fat is the starter – all hormones are partially cholesterol – so eating fat is the start.
Then we need the Vitamin D to activate the minerals and the fat soluble vitamins to make hormones.

We need Vitamin D for life

sun streaming through forest

Well all now being so scared of the sun and not allowing children or selves out in it for fear of getting kissed by the sun means all are so unwell.

When I was researching a project I did not complete an independent research project at uni (I did it all informally in the end) I posted the site here as I used it as a filing system. You can use it.

Please go there and immerse yourself – I did for weeks – this is the ‘best of’ series. The message is clear – we need to start at the beginning regardless of what is happening – look at the list – pain? Lack of D – immune issues – Lack of D – hormonal trouble> – same – please watch all the footage – it is mainly from weekend medical conventions on Vitamin D.

Why is it that the standard medicos do not know this?

Why is Vitamin D see as a potential danger and in NZ and Australia we can only buy 1,000iu capsules – when in the USA in the health stores we can pick up 5,000, 10,000 caps over the counter?
Not sure – but it is the answer when you are worried about cancer of the breast all the ingredients I am speaking of in the recipe of happy healthy breasts use Vitamin D as the base. See past the upper ‘limit’ arbitrarily assigned – apparently tested and see ‘normal’ in blood testing, you will not have any health worries.

Bones? Calcium? No – that is magnesium – we will cover this next post. .
What is usually found when researching Vitamin D3 is saving your bones.

There is so much more. What is taught by doctors to doctors is about the rescue – not the well life manual contents – it is about the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. I am taking you elsewhere – what creates health? Think plants/animals – they need to be outside in the sun – as we do.

Diabetes is a case in point – please research this yourself – the Vitamin D page of my ‘filing cabinet’ is where to start.

The likelihood of C section from any reason the first time
Why is this not common knowledge?
Why is it when I get people’s Vitamin D levels up the GP freaks out?
It is not a drug as is killing so many yearly in all countries – look at any ‘causes of death’ review – medicine is up there in the first 5.

What we need to do is all calm down and go with what feels good.
I am not sure that anyone has done a study on breast cancer rates and Vitamin D levels – it would be valid – as this is the answer.
Can’t make hormones without Vitamin D.

Need Vitamin K2 in abundance – eat way more dark leafy greens daily – to allow the synthesis of the Vitamin D3. I know we are not designed to take supplements and we are not designed for this life – hence you are even reading this. If you are on statins you will not have been told that you need to take at least 20,000iu Vitamin D daily forever to counteract what is happening – your fat cells are now locked up and can’t make Vitamin D for you. Even if you went outside at the right time to get your daily dose.

What to do?

listening to the elders

Listen.When that fear based system no longer serves you – go back to what the grannies all knew – rest, chicken soup and love. Sun. Simple. Gardening.  I have been asking different questions – and ones that have lead me to where all still assume we are ‘fine’ – we are not – go get the blood test – it is highly unlikely that you are sitting past the upper limit’ that someone that was ‘safe’. What would it mean to the ones who doubt if this were right? Where is the evidence try it and see – and take way more than the 1,000iu daily – that is HALF what a newborn in Norway was getting to ensure no Type 1 diabetes – so aim for therapeutic/real doses to fill up your dry dam and then go in the sun and take at least 5,000iu daily when you have perfect health – just in case – and sort out the green veggies and eat only 9 cups of coloured veggies a day and heaps of fat (see yesterday’s post. Food is medicine – and you are missing life giving ingredients!!!

(Ditch the coffee and the sugar/cereals and get on with water . .)


Outside naked in the midday sun. 5 -10 minutes front and back – AFTER you have raised your levels to the top limit of what is supposed to be ‘normal’ in the system that ignored all ingredients over what drug may be sold.
Seriously – get outside and feel the difference!There is no such thing as too much health.
What gives you health? Fresh air, clean water and the sun.
This means that if you are in any pain – you lack Vitamin D. That simple. Any illness? Same. Any reproductive issue – and especially breast cancer ‘running ‘ in your family – check it out – look back to that large piece of research I did on that page under ‘cancer’ – and wonder why no one else (especially your medical team) don’t know this.
Look at all that is on this page and make your own changes.
Breast health and total life health depends upon it.

Is it safe?

Doctors do not have a health model. Cooking from ‘scratch’.  Gardening  .. .simple life pleasures.
It is not safe to be in such a state of depletion and of malnutrition.
I suggest all who see me regardless of the sun exposure that they think they have to start on 50/60,000iu daily for at least a week. If at all worried about hypercalcemia – that is JUST MAGNESIUM DEPLETION – which is tomorrow’s story.

(We do not bake cakes with only one ingredient. Breasts and bodies need more than the few I mention also). Please review then – and depending on how you feel – if you are not a great deal better – then maybe take alleviated amounts for few months. Please remember that getting medical advice on this will not help you as they don’t ‘do’ ingredients – sending you to see a nutritionalist is not as useful as visiting anyone who is well and lives simply – not book but real learning  in life. as they have the recipe – and those in large institutions are divorced from life – so leave their thoughts where they are.

You need health advice

Even ask someone who chose to not use the usual ways to heal themselves of any condition – as the body heals itself – when you give it the ingredients (and rest is one of them and we have a preview here). Offering drugs that mask the state of malnutrition – if this sounds weird to you – please keep that in mind whilst you do your own research.

I have done mine.
A quick way would be to get my Period App and go to the raw ingredients section as the problem, why and the solution are all on that.

In the meantime – get out in the sun.
It will not give you cancer – the chemicals in your body and the lack of ingredients to run your body well will do that for you.

What was common sense before all stopped listening to their grandmothers and started asking of those who studied from books – not having even lived a life yet. Slapping sunscreen over all is not the answer as these are filled ingredients that are soaked into your blood and cause issues – so go outside and feel so much better from exposing yourself front and back as naked as possible in the heat of the day – hence the UVB rays are to do the most good – not in the early or late hours – that is when the sun is of not use to you. UVB is what we make Vitamin D under the skin on our fat cells with. It is blocked by glass, so you can’t hide inside and get it.

Please be aware that this is not medical advice

You don’t need that

You need life advice