Fibrocystic Changes

(Also see Lumps and Bumps)

Including PCOS

So many women over the years have only done this – and magic happens!!
Topical iodine – see more here (yes I am aware that all tell you to drop a pill)
The lumps (a body warning) disappear.

What are the lumps saying?

Not enough Qi to circulate and/or not enough of the ingredients to run your woman’s body well.
No likelihood of cancer –  – aptoptosis (programmed cell death) happens when iodine is not available ..

Availability – See more here . . .

One woman – spread iodine liberally over breasts only one month and the lumps dissipated. Most women it goes a few months – and please also undo why the iodine is not being absorbed/utilized in the body.

A common story – one woman’s breast history

  • No idea when they became a problem, Was a late developer
  • Always had sensitive breasts . Started feeling lumpy in 20’s ( general)
  • Freaked out . . always a spot where it was always there – saw a TV programme – and found her own lump..
  • Didn’t think it was cancer – and over the years – got lumpier. .
  • Grew a whole cup size – when lost 20 lbs. In late 20’s gained weight and a year when they hurt – esp nipples – all the time – inflammation underneath the rib cage . .Couldn’t cope with clothes on them even
  • Stopped wearing wire bras helped. Moments of being painful.
  • Went to get an ultrasound = the machine was so intense, cried all through it

Started painting iodine on – and a few months they later stopped hurting.
Softer. One spot is still lumpy (Carine LA)

She also had no iodine when tested in blood tests) Had a goitre – so took iodine pills and drops ..
Tried different doses – on pills – but found that the topical usage works better.

Also look to the freely flowing of Liver Qi 

Anything that upsets you emotionally (especially long term holding onto rage as things my have happened that were awful and you are bottling the past up and it is festering – and NOT flowing the Liver Qi to move through the places it is supposed to – all our women’s bits and allowing periods to be easy is the beginning of this. .

Stuck/congested – is what is happening – stagnation – much like  river . . .dammed up

What is?

All the life frustrations and the toxic residues . .how to fix this as well as gain more appropriate access to the ingredients needed to undo your woman’s body?

No medico seems to have a clue?

Ingredients and flows  . we need to nourish ourselves – shifting through the seasons of the day, the year and our lives.

What comes on board next?
(As well as period and monthly cycles catastrophies?)

Fibromyalgia . .So many women are told that they have pain for ‘we don’t know’ reasons – yet there is the diagnosis.  . what use is this? Let’s fix it . . listen to all on this page. It also sums up all the ancillary issues you likely have – cyclic changes in body with periods/low adrenal and thyroid function and of course – breast challenges. ..


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Also – light touch to begin with – help your own flows to flow


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Your choice – stay stuck – or flow with easy breasts ..