Nipple care

Can’t breastfeed without them.
How are they being serviced?

Please also look to the beginner’s page

What might I mean?


So nipples, breasts, and even your inner messengers – hormones – are nourished well


The Liver Qi has to move – this encompasses tension/stress and simple ways to undo this – self massage if needed – or someone actually helping you – in all directions.

Please start with reading the basics – as the ‘recipe’ for easy breastfeedng – you have to make milk from something (turns out it is better quality Blood and its circulation).

  • Iodine,
  • Selenium – under ‘Happy Breasts’ as without iodine (you can’t access your iodine without selenium) being bio available – you can’t even GROW breast tissue, let alone service it – and of course there we have: pulling out all the heavy metals (and not adding in more as in all the vaccinations you have been lead to believe causes health – they don’t – please see what does here.
  • Water,
  • Fat,
  • Vitamin D,
  • Magnesium,
  • Zinc and
  • Gut health: to actually put it all together

Having a happy gut (no antibiotics given – how many ways can we break this process? Please recolonise your gut as soon as any antibiotic goes to you – as the baby’s gut is dependent on your normal gut flora – and you no longer (if you even had it before) have this – so you can expect baby to have an upset tummy. Your gut is crucial for making the best to be made into great blood, so you can make your milk with this.


The energy lines via the acupuncture knowings. .
By the Stomach meridians and the Liver energy flowing freely.
Stomach heat (not drinking enough/having way too much anger and sugar/substitutes on board) will do this to you. As will being in antibiotics (anti life).
Perhaps start with Life medicine.  . how does health in women happen?
The Liver energy that allows free flow in all things – and no doubt has taken a beating recently – may also be involved.
To get milk to be made from your blood – you need the flows to flow.

Before even having baby – inspect your nipples

A proper latch – how to succeed in one lesson!

More than just food

Beginning to breastfeed . .

Take 2
















Awkward problem


What you want to avoid . . Reynard’s in the nipples.
A simple case of excess cold trapped within messing with all your body mechanics – see how to undo this here (easy, effective and life changing – home remedies again) – and then move onto free flow – the self massage course.

Check here for all Yvonne presented in the beginner’s breastfeeding information first.
Also how to easily breastfeed here.

The home self massage short course is instantly downloadable, takes a few minutes to watch and will make such a difference to your easy breastfeeding flows and life!!

baby on breast

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