Gut health – how we even make and maintain happy breasts – and life.

What allows the body to make breasts?
Please be aware that the basis of all I write is from my decades of being an acupuncture lecturer/ mentor and clinician.

Let’s look at normal first . .

Imagine this site is a cook book – I have alerted you to some ingredients that may be assumed to be in your diet – and which as an absence show up as breasts (and all other life – not just women’s ) issues. In the last 7 posts (see below), I covered the various important-to-run-the-body-properly nutrients. They are not covered in any orthodox or often ‘alternative’ medical work as I speak here of life related solutions. Foundational What grandmas and mums would hassle you over. So often are missed. Where I start with all in my clinic.

These form the basis of most of what is not working in all women’s bodies – whether it is woes over lactation, fertility, or avoiding and/or recovering from all breast inspired traumas.

Now we move to how are breasts are nurtured and grown and maintained in the body? Not the usual A & P (anatomy and physiology) but from the energy instructions that allow them to be at all

JING – a term that means essentially how you are here in a body and developed all that says ‘normal’  as a human. We need to nourish every cell in our body.

baby on breast

We do need to get a ‘handle’ on some concepts with some ‘strange looking’ words as they are not present in English. Please look to the list of all on the site I designed to support the APPS that are natural healing problem solving ways you can have me in your head – instead of paying for a consultation – and how to exit out of where you are currently maybe stuck.

To have a body that grows as all expect – we need to have good Jing. I mention this in passing as we are only here by virtue of the strength of our mother’s gut when we were inside her and then when she was making milk for us (as mammals) and then the strength and integrity of our own gut. Whilst this is also graced to us from good Jing (see it as parental legacy) we are only as good as our own gut heath.

Compromised horrendously by the modern life we live surrounded by the anti life (antibiotics) that are foistered on us at every turn. We need the right good bacteria to help us live. Please watch this short and entertaining true version of life as we currently know it. Back to the breasts – as they also are only going to work if they are given the right quality and amount of ingredients. And at the right time.

Beyond this – breasts and the entire body can only be as happy as the energy that flows through them and that has to nourish them. We will have to uncover this in stages. I will start with your food factory – the gut – so please – take the time to open your mind. This may look odd as its focus is on life. Also originating from a system of medicine and health information has been around for thousands of years and is based on what happens when well – and what creates more not less health.

This is not about avoiding illness and death.

Back to the food factory . .


This is an energy explanation. There is so much more to be found if you wish to get it all at once and have been looking for ages – here – and also here.

When we have enough Yang Qi – and all ingredients – the gut works as though by magic – as long as the Liver Qi can move – and this a story for another post.

If the gut is too cold or too toxic or not filled with what it needs – how can you expect your body to run? If you are so stressed that nothing can work if you have been adding in all sorts of traumas and wonder why life is not flowing – you want life to be easier – so maybe it is a time to wonder – what is health?

What is health?

A state of dynamic change where all that happens is accounted for with ease.
Also the ability to adapt to change. Homeostasis being maintained regardless of what happens on what level. When out of balance, as the ingredients are not present to right this, or the trauma, lack of flow is so great – it may be a not remembered state of health – as all call ‘hormones’/aging and ‘genetic’ as why you are less than you could be.

Flows need to flow

Huka falls close upIf your gut cannot make great quality Blood energy  every thing about being a woman will be compromised. Especially making easy breasts that work without complaint through all stages and phases of your life.

Including making breast milk.

Having breasts that do not grow miscellaneous lumps, cysts and do not worry you monthly with their goings-on.

When flow on any level  is blocked – emotions, too much cold, not enough water, excessive stress (hence the gut seizes up), expect the gut to respond and alert you.
Start with great gut bacteria – and feed them – magnesium and fermented foods – plenty of plant fibre (not cereal) and loads of fresh clean foods – in their natural state.

Please look to your gut and what it is telling you.
Warning lights?
Or happy as?