Lumps & Bumps

Flows not flowing lead to lumps . .

You can move the lymph congestion – it is so simple . .

Light finger touch and follow also what is here as a taster to the course that will change your life – all questions answered as to why you even need to be reading this work.

HINT – when we are blocked due to past upsets –  we shut down and that holding it all in (for safety’s sake) creates inner dramas . .

As with normal menstruation – when Abundant Qi and Blood production and circulation are missing – we run into problems. The body gives us warnings . . . pain and growths being two of these.

LIver Qi HAS to flow . .

(See also ingredients and breast pain).

“Thanks for your advice on the topical Lugol’s. Since you advised it some months ago via FB for a particularly large breast lump I had (have hundreds of smaller lumps anyway due to fibrocystic breasts), I started applying it topically every day. Amazingly the large lump reduced within a week and after went down to practically nothing. Unfortunately I still have all the other lumps and I keep the daily application going on different parts of the body. Have to be a little careful in not applying huge amounts as I’ve had itchy rashes come up from it before. I’m also still taking a dessert spoon a day of ground up dried wakame from clean waters. I really appreciated your advice – it was a god send thank you – I was so relieved when the large lump went down!” Claudia, NY

This is all too simple . .

A friend had a severe lump after having gigantomastia – It all got too much – she was still exclusively breastfeeding her brain injured son at 3 years old (he could not swallow solid food yet) and the golf ball size cyst was too hard/ painful to ignore any longer the GP agreed. He got her an appointment immediately with the local hospital’s breast clinic. The day before her appointment she had visited me, and I had given her a magnesium gel product to help her and her son – and suggested that she slathered it all over everyone – especially the breast that was causing grief.

That night almost asleep, she jumped up as she had forgotten – and did so. Next morning getting the older daughter to school, she went to the hospital. No lump! “That must have been the magnesium” she says. Of course all thought her mad. Off to the scanning machine – no lumps – “must have been the magnesium” she says again . . Really that is all she did – no painful needle drainage needed.

I told this story later to a friend, and she told a friend, and she used the magnesium gel on her own breast lump – it was half the size the next morning! Be aware that there is more going on – and this is part of the solution as seen below – on a fibrocystic breast and the remaining lumps – (think instantly of selenium depletion – see post 2) and the mercury and other heavy metal contamination that is making this a new world problem that is beyond the scope of practice for all medical people.

This is health, not a medical issue

Your own responsibility so you do not break down any further!

Lumps  – start self help here . .