Breast pain

Sometimes breasts hurt.
A lot.

Anything will not work as designed without the necessary ingredients. All female tissues need abundant fat, iodine, Vitamin D3 and magnesium,  as do all tissues – see ingredients for more.

Always when there is pain anywhere – think – lack of flow . .
The damming up process causes pain and in time growths – and eventually such issues as cancer . .

What is not flowing?
It is blocked
The Liver meridian flows through the breasts.
The stomach energy flows directly through them also.
The nipples on an acupuncture point.
When there is fullness/heat/pain in the nipples it is more likely (if not pregnant) that here is a stomach meridian problem. Rage and pent up fury can travel across from the liver organ and mess with the digestive process – also with the nipples.
To ease this body warning – working on the underlying issues is always likely to be a permanent solution.

The Liver meridian through the body travels along both sides . .
Anything that upsets you will alter its flow.
Any pent up and suppressed emotions will then start interesting changes in flow.

All the uterine and breast changes will show this.

Lymph entrapped is the underlying issue in most pain.

What to do?

Move your Qi . .
Also – paint iodine on the breasts – a palm sized every day and also on your ovary area. Any fluid problem is directly a result of lack of bio available iodine .
Magnesium also play its part.
This means we need to get the heavy metals out. They have allowed the body to not function as required – and these are added in ever more frequently through living in a modern life.
Avoid all vaccinations and any other incursion into body sovereignty.

Long term . .
Do get real – body warnings need heeding.

You live in your body for life.
The investment offered – the online self help instantly available Self Care course wil make all the difference to your flows and thus life. Here is a taster .

The course The Healing Power of Touch (introducing you to the lymph moving and belly moves that can save your digestive distress) and the sister course – Foundational Moves (to allow you to work on others in their pain and congestion to melt it away) are both designed to get your flows flowing.
The ingredients are all about not only food choices but what your bod does with the food eaten.
This is part of the Self Care course – as we can always Love Our Bodies Better