Almost all problems in breasts happen as there is not enough of what is supposed to be there (ingredients) and the flows of these are messed with.

And /or there is too much of what is not supposed to be there.
Eventually someone then ‘diagnoses’ as a named condition, and fear runs the show.

Instead of addressing what has happened, more poisons are usually added along with more fear and no one pays attention to what is needed to actually return the body to wellness – the breasts just being a part, not all of the matter.

Ignorance does cause fear. Not undoing why the body has been struggling and now is showing this warning sign of trouble ahead. .

The breast cancer or whatever is NOT the primary issue – yet all get sidelined in its apparent extermination. Everyone is forgetting that the body took ages to get there.

The body can reverse out of it itself.
With the right ingredients and flows . .

Start with the Liver Qi

It flows through the region.

Liver Qi governs all free flowing throughout the entire body.
When it is upset – we get blockages – and where better than where the flows actually go?

When we are upset – about anything – the Liver Qi then reacts by also getting hotter – as it get blocked and then we have  the ‘hormonal’ issues that are blamed on being ‘premenstrual’ or being ‘menopausal’ – when actually again – it is just a lack of flows of the right nutrients/ingredients.