Moxa use



This is an integral part of any acupuncture session – or was before smoke detectors and modern ways .
No substitute – heat lamps are NOT moxa – and neither are the carbon sticks calling themselves ‘smokeless’ moxa.
So . .

Moxa moves the QI and clears as do smudge sticks.
Also a great source of comfort and heating – and more than that – will alleviate WHY there is a lot of stagnation (as well as using the lymph moves) in your body.

A huge help for everyone – especially if back pain is felt
It undoes why you have pain (blockage of flows) at all . .


Energy point – can help with almost anything . .

This single most used acupuncture point is a great way to get yourself going – at least massage – downwards.

It may also sort out nausea/digestive upsets . .


Nothing does what moxa can

Here moxa is being used for uplifting purposes – though not on a full moon.

Most well known for the ‘turning breech baby’ trick – all other things being attended to first – this may well work – though I have found the sacral moxa fan to be the turning point for all.

Bl 67(Bladder meridian)


No problem in pregnancy is without a need to get the placental flows working better and mum’s Kidney QI improved.
Here we have mum straddling a chair comfortably.
This way – bub has maximum space to move.
Always straddling a chair with plenty of hydration, no breezes, and something to nibble on – fat and protein – salted nuts are ideal.



What I have found works wonderfully . .

Moxa sacral fan – for any and everything


How to protect a person – imagine being outside in the breezes.

The moxa use opens up the pores – to potentially let so much more cold penetrate.

Points. . .

GV 20 is usually used for falling down problems – be it baby /miscarriage or prolapses and possibly part of a continence/tonic session.

Si 1 – used on the end bottom corner of the little finger’s nail. Here 9 peaks of heat – gets too hot take it away – repeat – may assist either building breast milk in that side – (only if one is producing a lot more) or together to enhance what you have.

If you are following also what is on the appropriate page – this should be helpful.

Possibly time to investigate home self help in more depth?
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