When your milk ‘let down’ – lets you down ..

Older midwives called this

Milk sadness’.

If you have had D- MER you know this is NOT the probem – sad you could handle . .

Please see more in this here to start with as this is a horrible experience that you may have been suffering in silence with as no one seems to have a grip on the basics – lactation is easy and simple – when we are not ‘broken’.




To be here you already have these on.

You know breastfeeding is best.

But it does not feel like that for you.




Baby needs you to be happy and content – so s/he can also be.

You know that.
You would not be here if you did not want to persevere.

Please be hopeful – the medical and the counseling are no match for allow the body to repair itself. This is with province of a natural health care professional.

How can I help?

Alerting you to the lack of free flow in your body.
It may be so simple.

I am very used to people walking into my clinic in in one state and walking out in another.

Totally transformed.
No false hope or guarantees – just sitting what happens when you get the Qi flowing


All no longer stagnating.

How will this affect you?

No idea till we try.

I am likely to show you a lot of different things to do at home that will transform your experiences into joy.



There are many ways

Where is your perfect cellular nutrition?

Please look at all on this site on ‘ingredients’.

Especially the magnesium and what stops its absorption. (all those ‘needed’ extras – heavy metal adjuvants will set all this in motion for you). It is just that simple t break you – and also easily undone.

Please research everything that is to go into you – or be done to you – as so much is NOT healthful or life affirming. Adding anything into your body that stops nutrients from being seen and then being used – has led to the current epidemic of odd things that are now being so commonplace.

As with almost anything tied into ‘health’ concerns – it is all a matter of Nutrients being there and Flows flowing  .

Here is what one very grateful women said:
‘Just wanted to say thank you for your help with my DMER.  As you suggested, I really feel for me it was the combination of B’s, Zinc and Magnesium did it.
Also thank you for starting me on painting on iodine – it has greatly improved my fatigue which I have suffered for 3 years now and doctors have ignored due to my apparently normal blood tests and iron levels.’

I wonder – is your circulation working well?

There are so many ways it can fall over.
Here I am honing in on just the D-MER condition and then the context – what is likely happening and how simple its resolution can be.

To find out how really to help yourself – please take away the package ‘Self Care’ here. Why? You need to know how to look after yourself as YOU are the family’s hub – and all the moves in the third part of it are for HIM to work on YOU – and you on everyone –  PLUS the belly moves in the second part – will calm you and everyone’s gut – so all can Live Well.

Please look at all I have written in the manual instantly downloadable – What Dads Can Do ‘ – as it is your pre- ante- and post natal care kit. Here is instant help at hand – yours and anyone else’s – go easy on yourselves – this is life changing – and SO SIMPLE!

Self Care? Why would you? How to look after anyone else when you are not looking after yourself FIRST?


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Best start with healing /helping yourself . . .