No Breast Tissue

This (as with the ‘one grows /does not’ issue – is tied back to the Jing and also what is happening in the life at the point where puberty – the Jing (‘hormonal changes in this case) kick in.

The changes at the crucial points of life –

  1. Puberty
  2. Onset of sexuality/marriage
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Menopause

If there has been starvation or some massive trauma at puberty or before, it is possible that instead of following the blueprint the breasts are not grown as survival is seen to be more important in/for the body.

One woman consulted me when she was about 30 weeks pregnant. There was fat tissue – but no breast tissue present. I suggested that she start to paint her body – especially the missing breast areas – daily with topical iodine – about the size of her  palm. Moving it around so she was not on the same skin each time. .  Within a month they were growing and started lactating  .- strange?

Her body was remaking itself as w=she was making a baby  and this is the best time to try to repair anything in the body . . The second baby she almost fully breastfed . .the first  same supplement feeding as she as a new mum and not so confident.

BUT – she was able to . .

Assume it is in your blueprint – and free your LIVER Qi . .
Great place to start – self awareness . .