Breastfeeding when life is VERY hard

Mammals do – or babies die

I knew this when I was a mum of the very-compromised-expected-to-die infant.
We managed.


There was NO help in the Children’s Hospital – I can only hope 32 years later it is better than then.
We were inpatients for a month whilst she was stabilised and sent home completely stuffed – on heavy medication and I was to wait and see (how long it took).
The story is here.


If you are confronted with a baby who can’t feed.
Who may die
Who is in terrible trouble.
You are the life line.
You must.

Put yourself and Your Story away – that is what mums are for
Apparent sacrifice – is a primal adventure.

If you did not birth or feel bub arrive – it may be different.

It was not for me – I had had her under epidural and a huge obstetric rescue – and I was ‘in’.
And some are not . .
We are all carrying different tales.
Above was immune.
Yours may be helped known that women do – and we all live through whatever you care going through
YOUR body makes the life support – as it did whilst bub was within you.
The milk made is a totally different consistency minute to minute- ideally baby is giving you instructions as the nipple – is the go between.

If the bub is not suckling 0 this feedback is not happening and there is a default – our body knows what formula to make up as your body is ‘in tune’.
So – get to it.

See the steps in the other pages.
As they come to hand I will add more stories of others and how they coped.

This is a usual C section one.  .

My last baby was not interested. . .
And would instantly nod off – although a second ago he would be screaming – when in nose range of me – so I thought ‘maybe it is the drugs’ (pain relieving) so I stopped them – and undo that they were working (for me) and still he was not able to feed.

This ended up as cracked nipples with thrush in them for me.
He was eventually a dedicated bub on boob – but this was because I had no resources to do otherwise – no spare cash to buy the necessary equipment.  I did know that breastfeeding would get better – which it did.
He worked it out.

I was so grateful that  had done it for 4 1/2 years before his arrival and however bad it got for me to battle through – he would at least go to sleep, he was distractable (try an ‘autistic’/mercury poisoned baby on for size – fits no one) at least was not massively brain injured and about die – as his sister had been.

He then would then not get off at 18 months .
So easy so cheap and so needed.

I say this as YOUR goal posts will need to shift.
Not about you – is about them – for ever after.