What to do?

Please be aware I give you life enhancement not death avoidance information
Thus this is NOT medical.

I have much written here (how to understand the cancer process differently) and also here (pulling out what is not supposed to be there) to get you started.

Please start thinking wellness.
This is simple.
Live to live

Not be comfy and to stay stuck!

Cancer avoidance . .

Do you know what cancer even is?

Besides a scary word that

Supposedly carries a death sentence?

Cancer is .  ..
Life that has lost its way.
Kill cancer?
To do this you have to kill yourself.
YOU are the cancer

STOP – this process of cancer has been happening for years –

Questions never asked:

Why You?
Why Now?
Why There?

Everyone seems to think – it is ‘just’ a matter of what you put in your mouth  ..
(On the physical level)

All cells need iodine to allow aptoptosis – programmed cell death . .

Iodine           Vit D3         Magnesium

The three essentials I never had to mention.

Life was so much simpler and cleaner even 10 years ago . .

All cells need access to the ability to shut themselves down.

When something (for long enough) stops this vital process – dysfunction – overactive.

Unstoppable growth results.
So investigate why you – now – there  .

Why be scared of this maybe happening to you?
Take charge . .

As with a recipe – for life

Start with ingredients


Actually it is more about what can you process . ..

Digest and assimilate – not just swallow.

Look through all that is written on these pages as nutrients biologically available and the appropriate circulation of wastes away from the cells and goodness to them are missed in all conversations about health – let alone how to retrieve it.


Can it all circulate?   Life flows 

Instructions for life processes

Start with the Liver Qi (energy)

Can your life move when you are holding on?

Holding into WHAT?

All that has upset you?

That you wish had not happened?

It festers . .
Perhaps listen to this very wise man.


Being nice . .
Will kill you.


Start here – as you can move what is stuck.