I have written this section for breastfeeding mums.

It is the same whether you are any age or gender or stage of life – wish to gain more health.
You must – as with a car – feed your self nutrient dense fuel.
You will then be able to do more/run the engine better.

Even repair yourself – as is intended.

We make milk from Blood energy
We make Blood from what we are able to assimilate from what is taken in as food and from hydration.
The better quality we fuel ourselves – the better the milk we make for our babies.

We could also ask .  .

What did we make the actual breasts from?

We make milk from our blood – and the more w lose, or do not make (‘dieting’) or are too stressed to digest/rest well – the less abundance and quality will show through as breast milk – and conversely – the instant you start paying attention – not only will you STOP being so depressed – and worn out – but baby will be sleeping better as the milk is now rich – with all these nutrients.

It all works . .

I trialed it on myself over the 20 years I was feeding my babies!

1 – Water  

2 – Fat

3 – Protein

4 – Magnesium

5 – Vitamin D3

6 – Iodine

7 – Zinc 

8 – Selenium

How are we maintaining our breasts?
Good question – is our Liver Qi flowing?

Perhaps someone needs to give you some of that loving you give to bub??
Here is a quick overview.

Your breasts are an indicator of the strength of your resilience – and as such – when breastfeeding are the first part to ‘fall over’ – you may need so much more mothering yourself!!
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