What are you making that milk (Blood) with?

Lactation requires mum to be making a lot more blood as it is blood that makes milk – in the breasts as the suckling or the ‘let down’ starts. She also needs to be well nourished ideally before pregnancy begins and during making baby she is laying down the supplies as an inner bank account – to draw upon if needed, but with healthy deposits all day – as food that nourishes her stores.

This means all the ingredients mentioned below, with an awareness that babies grow and their brains are still developing – so fat, protein and a great deal of pure water are needed along with masses of healthy choice colored vegetables – at least 9 cups of these daily – never microwaved food and always fresh and with as little pesticides/chemicals as possible as mum’s body will eject all she has stored and what comes in through the fat cells – which are of course in the milk.

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Food – go for it . . you convert this into MILK

Products rich of potassium and magnesium. Bananas, spinach, nuts, grains, dried fruits, beans and avocado. healthy food