Selenium: A vital antioxidant, selenium acts with vitamin E to protect the immune system and maintain healthy heart function. It is needed for pancreatic function and tissue elasticity and has been shown to protect against radiation and toxic minerals. High levels of heart disease are associated with selenium-deficient soil in Finland and a tendency to fibrotic heart lesions is associated with selenium deficiency in parts of China. Best sources are butter, Brazil nuts, seafood and grains grown in selenium-rich soil.

Selenium is blocked by the addition of mercury and no amount is safe’

As this is blocked by aluminum and we need this micronutrient to make Glutathione – to detoxify and to keep us well – the practice of adding in amalgam into teeth and adjuvants in vaccines create a situation when especially in pregnancy when all that is within mum is being moved into making baby – and even more so when breastfeeding is happening – the time to get rid of all that is not helpful is now – as baby will ot be grown well and mum will not be able to support life as well as if she has a bio available source.
As so many women I see have low thyroid and low adrenal function – the easy ability to access this micronutrient often make or breaks easy life – as the iodine women need (6x more than men) is even more needed in pregnancy and actation.

Leading the cause in the current rise in women with cancer being diagnosed in or after pregnancy – is lack of bio available iodine leads to no aptoptosis – which is programmed cell death – and bodies not working properly as they cannot aces nutrients means that life is compromised.
Chasing after the end results is not as useful as removing that which is blocking even the best sources (organically grown selenium rich soil Brazli nuts – activated of course .

We need to get smart.
Take out what is not supposed to be there – as it may well be compromising all life