Natural Lactation/Breastfeeding



This is what your body was designed to do.

I have a whole page on an earlier site here to visit.

Even for one hour – ever – lifesaving.

Although possibly mum and baby need to be whole and as they were supposed to be – undisturbed and easily bonded with a natural, respectful birth.

Naturally we can almost all do this – and possibly with little help for baby – an alert one – all is easy . .

Positioning – different ideas to help – getting mum comfy is the top priority!!!

With a natural pregnancy and birth – all stages flow into one another.
I hope they have for you.

Whilst putting this site together many years ago – I got a BIG surprise


Maybe you knew?
When you are asked if your milk has come in yet . .
Is actually blood.
This makes breastfeeding so much easier.
Put cold on there – and the circulation will stop up and all catastrophes are likely to follow.
Lose a lot of blood – or try to lose weight by restricting eating –  and there will be supply and quality issues for baby.


Milk is actually blood – yes it may be a shock. It was for me – as after feeding 4 children over 6 1/4 years and teaching so many how to do this well – and support their lives – it was always – build up the Blood energy.

The transition red to white happens in the breasts . .
So – we need to ensure you make the best quality and abundant blood to make the best milk for bub. Babies drink our blood.

If you have lost some at birth, if you are not drinking a lot of water every day if you are not eating really well – how can you make more Blood – that is the question.

If you were always a bit Blood depleted – see more here and this diagram – it is likely extra efforts are  to be made.
One aspect is what you are eating – another – the easy circulation of the blood. This means – in acupuncture speak – if you are upset – this is likely to greatly impact on your ability to digest food thus make great milk.

Depleted Blood energy alone will make life harder and the cascade can easily start – IF you are not well supported.

Your periods prior to conception (a health record) are another large clue. Beside the obvious – you have to have the ingredients and the circulaton and the ability to hold and support bub whilst this is happening – and someone looking after ALL of your support needs so you can spend the time with baby bonding, loving and feeding – there are a few other conflicts that may pop up.

Possible booby traps ..

Cultural myths

Social barriers

What to do?

I have an entire page of many videos talking you through solutions here – also on this site.

Use moxa – what is that? See here . .

A note on Moxa 

Not essential but much preferred.
Always use a smoky stick – not the carbonised smokeless ones – you will not get the results hoped for if you do.
Always use with plenty of ventilation.
No breezes – not even a tiny one .
Always be hydrated before and after and never use on an empty stomach .
This is powerful stuff, works wonderfully and will make a huge difference to all you do.

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