Happy Breasts

Warning – this is a large post as to use the iodine you need selenium and to have that bioavailable (so you can use the topical iodine) there needs to be a clean inner body – and we are immersed in heavy metals and pesticides – which all take up residence in the breast – leading to cysts/ cancers and so on – so it is difficult to ‘dumb’ this down – we will be simpler tomorrow.
It has taken me decades to work this all out so it won’t necessarily be what you have heard of before and asking your health care professional may mean they have not put all this together themselves, and have no idea. . . you saw it all here first!!

The easiest way to break down all my research is to buy the ‘Period’ App – look for ‘Heather says’ in the app store) as it takes you through each problem you have and explains what it is why it is and what to do about it simply and naturally – with bulk links everywhere . .


Are often said to be causing women’s (and thus everyone’s) woes.
But are they?
Shall we have a look?

What do hormones do?
Send messages about in the body.
What do we make hormones with?

This is not usually asked question

When something is happening to your women’s bits

(Doesn’t matter what bit or what stage of life – if you are not careful, you will also buy into the idea that ‘hormones’ are to blame.
Yet – what are these things and why are they such a deal?


That is all – but decades ago a retail opportunity opened – women are easy to manipulate – especially now they have their own money (not at home raising babies so much on one wage any longer) the medical people have decided to monetize all that being woman entails and ignore why the messages are being corrupted.
How does this fit into breasts?

Not so easily if you haven’t got enough iodine to allow the gene expression (and Vit D3)

When we are well nourished, well rested and supported in our lives and all is trucking along as nature intended – there IS no breast (or hormonal) issue. Thyroid – (take your vaginal temperature first thing before getting up after at least 4 hours sleep and you will quickly see why you are not on top of your life!!). Seeing the GP about this may end in frustration. As you won’t immediately die of low thyroid function – you will just feel fat/floppy/dull in the head/pained and stupid). How your gut works means how you can travel through life – and not well without access to iodine. Additionally the WHO says 30% of the mental retardation in the world is due to maternally depleted iodine and so the children not getting enough when they are growing their brains. . Hmmmm!
What to do about the breasts?
When you slather yourself in iodine – about a palm sized piece – without enough access to Selenium (depleted in Australian and NZ soils, so it is not in the food grown on it – or that which has had super phosphate to ‘help’ it along) your iodine efforts may all be in vain as you need to use the Iodine, and you need Selenium (forget about taking 3 Brazil nuts daily – we are in crisis – look at your breasts/life/body/’hormones’).


How to access the iodine now you are putting it on?

Seleniumplease watch this one hour presentation – she nails it. GP will likely not know so just go off on your own health/healing tangent – all cancer worries be gone!! You need to know how to help yourself and your daughters!!! his will only get worse – when I was a girl almost no one got cancer – now 1 in 2.5 people are said to die of it – so why? Chemicals and heavy metals blocking ntrient pathways – and Iodine (yesterdays post is essential for life. Low thyroid shows as low BBT and this means that your thyroid is unhappy – as you are possibly when you look at the list of everything that has drugs, not resupply the body with the nutrients that it lacks – hence the problems .. . it is all too simple – start taking charge of your own life as it will mean breasts and hormones and everything better!!!


We need Selenium to allow iodine to absorb. But even more importantly – you need what is blocking your getting access to the selenium that has been going in, in your food to free up. The heavy metals etc have to come out of you so you can feel the instant benefits of using the iodine. (Much more peeing/thinner neck/ less bloat/clearer head/no PMS /breast normalize and lose their lumpiness/ cysts – yes they really DO!!!

Just about all energy/depression/weight and fluid caught up anywhere (including cardiac edema) /constipation/head clarity/feeling cold/cold extremities/general malaise/menopausal problems/being ‘hormonal’ and not getting pregnant/pains as in fibromyalgia and so on will eventually depart.

Why is the medical world ignoring basic ingredients – essentially nutrition?
I don’t know but you live in your body and it would pay you to listen up and play gardener/animal handler at the zoo for yourself and your daughters. .
What do you see?

You need to make hormones – what you have been warned against – dietary fat (eat more butter immediately and avocados and eggs and salmon and more butter) and sun (get out in it for 10 minutes front and back naked sun bath every day and see how much better you feel – at the middle of the day and not in front of glass as the UVB needed to make your Vit D to run your hormones is blocked by glass – who knew???.
Fat – you are designed to eat it, and a lot of it to make your hormones. If you have ‘bought’ the idea that eating fat will make you fat – that is a whole new story we will cover later – though I have done it elsewhere . .

Hormone-Production-ModernBUT – we store all the pesticides and chemicals and heavy metals in our fat cells . . .so when you quickly lose weight you liberate these – and also when pregnant and breastfeeding  . .The answer is often as simple as getting a lot cleaner – and consider also taking this product – it revolutionised my life and there has not been a day since when I have not taken it in the past 10 years – people wonder why I can get all I do done – simple – my mitochondria work as they were meant to – and the extra mercury that I ‘mined’ from my mum – as we all do – and that was added in in amalgams (the mercury that leached into us is still there when the amalgams are removed) and the injections and the general back ground noise of life – all block the selenium needed to use the iodine we talked of yesterday – so a BIG hint – if you are a very big breasted woman (usually with fibrocystic labels/cysts and all worried about your ‘cancer’ risks – look no further – pull out the mess that is in you – pesticides, heavy metals (mercury – see what it http://simple-natural-detox.com/does to you here
(Both Iodine and these drops and Vit D as we get to soon are all possibility of cancer retreats. You can miss cancer altogether or repair from its likelihood actively – not passively hoping whilst freaking out quietly waiting for it to strike you down – but of course this is not medical – so you may need to redefine what that word brings to your life.
Here are the answers to questions that are dangling – the mercury in your body has caused hormonal disruption – look that up – http://simple-natural-detox.com/chronic-mercury-toxicity/ we will get there – one post a day can’t cover all I have discovered . . .

  • If your mum or her mum had ‘silver’ fillings –
  • if you have had any exposure in your life to ‘golden eye’ ointment /mercurocrome/
  • broken energy saving light bulbs/
  • had any vaccinations past 20 years or are letting the flu vaccine come into your life now . .

You are stuck with mercury – stuck till you can get it out – and it sits there as a poison at the very least stopping you from absorbing Selenium that allows the iodine to work (and from yesterday and from reading my free eBook here – you get the drift – life threatening stuff.

All the way to get back to a perfectly happy woman’s body that is ‘well behaved” always works and never ill – with breasts that work as they were supposed to – never bloated/lumpy or cause for worry – and when breastfeeding – they do NOT give out all the pesticides and heavy metals that the body now stores in fat cells and lets go that route – please – take the liquid activated zeolites before getting pregnant (will probably make you both more fertile, at least more healthy) and at any stage of the pregnancy breastfeeding journey – they will effectively and safely clean up the milk – and of course will make all less susceptible then to the [hazards of living in the modern world!

Easy – change what you are doing and what you have also.

This is not medical advice – this is the HEALTH information that all need to run their bodies well – as you do not wait for the roadside breakdown team to keep a car running well – why do so with your body??
instead of – when you have not gotten the answers that you need to heal yourself.

If you have any queries, contact me  or PM me on FB as I am usually available.