Beautiful Healthy and Everywomen’s Breasts #1

Beautiful Healthy and Everywomen’s Breasts

Humans are mammals

This means that they have mammary glands to feed their young.

So all women grow breasts.

All different shapes and sizes . .
We don’t have a manual to know what to expect of them (or life really).

This leaves the way open for fears, inadequacies and frankly, manipulation from all sources to run rampant.
As we are more than flesh and blood, and as we feel – this can hurt at a very deep level.
As we have a medical system that carves different physical bits up into specialities we might need to rethink.


I start somewhere very different.

To run the vehicle you inhabit (body) you need to feed it and to make sure all is in working order – like your auto (car) vehicle. A roadside breakdown service is the body’s equivalent of the medical profession. You may not run your body like your car – or you may. The mechanic is who you see when funny knocks in the engine need investigating – and tuneups are called for – same as seeing a natural health care professional. Before this – you have hopefully been using common sens e(no sugar in the petrol tank, using oil when needed and where it is supposed to go not elsewhere) and driving in the appropriate gears  . . not so your body vehicle.
Hmmm . .
If you have breast issue of any kind (or any ‘women’s’ issues) – you will have been told either it is

  • ’genetic’ (all forgetting epigenetics – what allows genes to express – is far more important) and due to
  • hormones (all forgetting that hormones are just messengers and what they send around the body – messages – is only as good as the information available.

These two issues form all that you are told is real.

fd26cef981d0f29ce298965a950aee12WHO AM I to say such things?

A very senior natural health care professional.
Not to be confused with a medical illness manager or crisis aversion professional.
There are vastly different ways of seeing the world. All traditional cultures were holistic – meaning that they saw the person in all aspects and all relating to each other – so when upset – you can expect all of you to get messed with – it is not a head versus body model.

It is essential that when you read my work that you suspend what it is that you think that you know.

So too with the acupuncture model I use. (Please don’t think – “I go to an acupuncturist and they don’t say this”). I have been researching/perceiving bodies always very differently – so please suspend what you know, open your mind and heart and receive . .

This is not to be taken as medical advice.
This is a life explanation

Based on practical clinical experience of a very pragmatic healer who sees people usually when the medical has not worked. Of course what is written here is not what you have heard before or even possibly perceive as being ‘acceptable’ – as the form of ‘medicine’ you are used to is tied into looking for chemicals to resolve what is essentially malnutrition.

Breasts – are part of our bodies that change when puberty hits.
What drives puberty?
Jing – a concept that is more inclusive than hormones and needs further explanation – please go to the site Trawl about and investigate all through that site – get the Period App as that is the navigation tool through all my sites and research . . as the liver energy must flow.

If it is not flowing freely it will then start up a plethora of ‘women’s issues’ – think rape, or being put down or generally being a woman in most contexts – why the human nature creates diversions and leaves us in a state of being Stuck – this shows so well in the cyclic nature of our adult lives.

Jumping ahead. . .but most are not reading this for their preteen daughters.

We will get to precocious breast development later.