Pain and swelling (including mastitis)

Breast pain and swelling

Is this normal monthly?moon woman

Breasts grow each month?

Aching and tenderness at any time of the month?

Swellings/inflammations/accumulations of lumps/’stuff’ . .

A sign that you need to pay attention – body warning!!
Hormonal? (But everyone else/all I have read says so . .).

Mastitis when breastfeeding?
Not normal, or needed, and shouldn’t happen.


(if this is you or someone you know –

Mastitis and what to do?

Remember – the two magic words – flows and nutrients . . .

More here on breastfeeding

Also please see here.

You may wonder who am I to stand on all these precious myths – as this post may get to going – surely it can’t be that easy Heather?

Yes it is.

Instant calming massage work . .



My own healing history

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Having had 4 children over 18 years, and been subject to life’s woes in my own journey, as well as teaching acupuncturists and mentoring healers and being mum and working with all who feel at their wits end – I have also been living in  a woman’s body in a woman’s life.

Over the past 4 decades, through my practice of natural healing I have empowered so many women, who find out that what they have been living with was not necessary – and often on their first visit. I aim to get the body to heal itself.

Usually we are all getting in the way through being ignorant of what a body needs to run itself.

Me recently in Perth at the 31st Home birth Conference

They gave us wool and needles to knit squares for Africa – seriously – for the student midwives to take over as baby blankets   a quintesential granny moment if ever there was one!!!

Astounded that midwives do not know what  else to do about mastitis (which I never had ni 6 1/4 years of breastfeeding) other than use antibiotics. . . so I thought – ENOUGH!!!!

Here we have Life 101 . . .

Water is an essential.

I know that all the orthodox medical information will see all say ‘hormones’.

But you forgot that modern medicine is a breakdown service, not a well living service. Now not even a service – but a business. All people in times past knew to ask those who knew – who had lived longer – and had seen lots – their elders, the wise women, the shamans, the healers, when things were not as they had been. All would have been aware that (as they were growing all their food) that if they did not provide all that their farmed organisms needed for life – they would not thrive or may not even live.

We are dependent on water to live. We live within a watery environment. All our cells communicate because the messages for life can be dissolved and flow between each part of us. Water flushes away debris, encourages normal function, and moistens all. What may mess with this? Not having enough ingredients to run our body well. Drinking more pure water is so easy, and too simple a ‘cure’ for most to even think about.

As a solution, drinking more pure, non chilled water is likely to turn your life around. A panacea – a cure all – please read here

Drinking daily a lot more pure non-chilled water will alleviate most of your health problems – seriously – perhaps go and get a glass (not from the tap – not will counteract all the iodine that you are using to allow all breast and ‘hormonal’ problems to resolve. now. Seeking any other fluids (usually themselves full of what we then need to flush away), and only drinking when thirsty is too late.
Drinking through taste is now the usual behavior – coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, sugary fluids as juice juices/cordials/’thirst quenching’ items. Even alcohol – all this does is need dehydrate you further – it is not a drink so much as a wash of chemicals that need removing. Creating more dramas, as the water needed to process as these chemicals is missing still – as you think that you have drunk water – and this is not so – usually you have also added in sugar that is highly toxic and not needed to run a body.

Please remember that hormones are just messengers

What are the messages saying as the messengers tell the body what to do? Dehydration??? Very possibly . . All tissues need water. And fat is what you make hormones with – please see tomorrow’s post – all these things you did not know!!!

I may be saying a lot that may be contrary to what you previously thought!!!
(Iodine is wasted in the body when we are in contact with fluoride – so here I am talking water – and you reach for the tap?
Please don’t.

Unless you have already gotten yourself a filter that takes out all the additives – or better still – find yourself a source of tank/artesian/or water that can be delivered that is fresh and full of minerals but no chlorine or fluoride. These will only wreck your hormonal balance as the iodine is displaced when you have any halides – these are being added in to the ‘free’ water from your tap.

(We then get fat/fluidy/can’t think straight/all lymph coagulates and we get lumps/bumps/swellings. You may get sent off for scans and medical tests – when all you needed was more water, more exercise, more flows flowing within . .

We need to drink water for life

hbslidertemplate8If you are troubled by anything called ‘hormonal’, after painting iodine on your skin – especially around your ovaries and breasts – see blogs 1 and blog 2 – and also drinking twice as much as you usually do – and adding in a lot of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt – both full of minerals and the needed salt to run your body – will mean all cells in your body will thank you – ingredients again – can’t drink water without also having free access to salts. Not the white stuff. Yes it may say iodine added – but all salt had it and all the other 80+ minerals in it (so it did not look white) before the manufacturers got to it – so please throw out your white salt and start in with the saltier/more tasty pink and grey varieties. A day.

But won’t that give me high blood pressure?

No – Salt is yet another life ingredient – and as we are talking hydration, we need to have minerals in also . .

Drink water as that is often what those hunger messages are.

Drink water as it flushes away the residue of bodily and cellular functions
Drink water as then you don’t need to reach for sugar/food to fuel you as the body is asking for help.

Drink water – as to digest your food you need to make digestive juices.
With water.
Heat causes inflammation and swelling and fluid retention

There it is – why I am writing this!!
Drink more water as it alleviates all heat in the body.

Menstrual times show up as excess heat – driving all sorts of cyclic and even odd (called hormonal) responses. See more here

The first two breast blogs covered iodine, as it runs the hormones and women need 6x more than men – this starts at puberty and continues as the breasts, the ovaries, running a woman’s body and making babies and milk – and an easy woman’s life – all need ingredients – and water (like fat, Vit D and so on – we will get to these soon) are all crucial.

There so the many different forms of heat that may appear in the body. Water is needed so it does not damage tissues.

Heat? What do I mean?

You may know this as ‘toxins’ – that which in excess mess with easy flows. Excess (or any) sugar consumed causes inflammation. This may lead to all problems that eventually (often after years) leads to diseases and troubles. The body tries hard to ensure all stays within healthy limits – and the excess chemicals and pesticides all are now exposed to mean that fluid retention (swelling/pain/cysts) happen very easily all through the body and especially in the breast tissue. This leads to the old argument ‘it’s your hormones’ again – but really – more likely – dehydration.
So simple.

Too easy.

Where is this heat coming from? Sometimes we carry a huge emotional charge that we feel is ‘just who we are’, or even that we have ‘gotten over’ – actually – it may be driving processes that lead us to possibly find calming in temporary use of caffeine, alcohol and other non nourishing products (soft drinks/anything that you reach for when upset) and this leads to heat in tissues. Heat in the body – how and why and what to do here
Heat in the body can also show up as swelling – as the body adds in local fluid to try to ‘put out the fire’. You may find that you have hot, often even itchy nipples at period time. Way too much heat in the stomach and the digestive system – often spilling over also to pimples, redness anywhere and maybe migraines, at least headaches, and feeling way too hot – meaning more chilled water and cold thing sought after – all wasting the body’s delicate temperature balances – leading then to more issues (I can’t cover everything at once, but if you want to know why cold is so dangerous to your inner workings – please watch the presentations here –


This is a case in point – where is the good elder’s wisdom when you need it? I was just at the Perth Home birth Midwifery Conference and no one seemed to have any idea- besides throw antibiotics at this. it is as simple as not adding in cold, getting mum to be well fed and rested and to be full of all the nutrients she needs – thus she is calm and peaceful. Also have enough Iodine on board so that her mammary glands are in perfect shape. Please also look on this topic Heather’s Pregnancy App here

There will be a lot more on lactation in depth in later posts – but a preview as no orthodox midwife/obstetrician knows why it happens or what to do about it – except to be reactive and to wreck mum’s and baby’s gut with antibiotics. .  . . mastitis?
Should never happen – this is a lack of support and sensible nursing.
No cold ever, anywhere near a pregnant or just birthed or lactating woman – for any reason  ..

Blog 4 20th March – still on ingredients for better , healthier breasts – fat
Breasts are full of fat cells that attract toxins. Fat tends to store what is unable to be easily released. Breasts seem to attract problems. Actually they are alerting you to work needed. Need to know what the warnings mean though – hence we have started with solutions- iodine, selenium and now water.

We will see how fat (and what the lack of it) means to you.

(Not what you think).