Ingredient – hormones and life (and baby’s brain development all need fat

Breasts need fat

breastfeeding picture

Breasts are made from fat.

Fat makes hormones.

Fat is the body building block, after protein.
Fat fuels us.
It does not turn to fat on the body – sugar and foods that turn to sugar (cereals – and of course alcohol made from them do.
Breasts are constructed partially from fat. When we get thinner, so do they – and may even almost disappear – when we put on weight – so do they.
And we lose weight again and we lose our breasts again – and often more so as we age.

Fat – why eat it?

Especially butter? Fat is an ingredient – we need it to live.
Fat allows the fat soluble vitamins to be in our bodies, allows Vit D and thus all minerals to be utilized – and without fat we are in big trouble – not just losing our breast integrity.

Fat tastes good.
Fat is good for us.
Although in 1984 someone decided it was not. Many as myself ignored this and kept eating real fat – not plastic lookalikes. Since then look at the explosion of disease due to people being fat as they are not eating fat – we can only eat so much (minus sugar and other taste enhancers – the body does have its own wisdom). Eventually they changed their tune  back to what all mums and grandmas knew – eat more butter/fat.

creative womanWhy fat?

We make all our hormones with fat/cholesterol.

Fat is an essential ingredient for life.
If you limit/reduce/cut out the fat that you eat – what are your hormones to be made from? What sort of nest are you to make for the potential babies that your uterus does not know you do not intend to make and she is making a great lnig (well not so great when you limit your nutrition) in case? The breasts – need you to eat GOOD, clean fat. Not fat that has all the chemicals especially pesticides in them.

We store the rubbish we do not know what to do with in fat cells. Breast milk is liquified fat. The chemicals then escape from the mum’s body and leach into baby. What a great unintentional cleanse for mum. Especially if she wants to be a ’yummy mummy’. . losing weight too fast – perhaps think on taking the drops here as they are safe, effective and will take the route of disposal through the lower body not through the nipples – so the breast milk is then so much cleaner. Wonder why I may be upsetting you?
No one told you – (who even thought to ask?)
I am alerting you to how to solve this problem that is very real.
Toxic breast milk has the same source of the contaminated cord blood that you have been unaware of – we live in  a laden environment of background noise – and can consciously reduce a lot of it – hence we personally will then not be getting breast cancers and troubles later on – and can feel confident about feeding our babies in peace.

What to do?
Look to the natural ways to lose weight – be healthy and start as the first two posts suggested – go back to the source – why is your metabolism not working as it could? Bodies need iodine and then selenium to activate the iodine. This then will assist all our digestive and immunological and every system to work optimally. Not just no illness – but being the vibrantly resilient beings we could be.

Water to flush out toxins.

Fat is what makes your and baby’s brain and nervous systems work better.

Fat is good – good fat – clean fat.

Fat needed to run puberty well – see here also for more. (We will eventually get to how breasts are made and maintained in future posts).

Also perhaps how puberty runs perfectly – what Jing is and does here.

When children are fat – not the same as eating too much fat – that is overly processed foods and sugar loading that is creating this monster – the epidemic of toxin laden ill youngsters – we get problems – I will post on this once wellness is established. In the meantime perhaps ponder on this.

Take home message – get rid of all sugars/all sweet taste

Eat more fat!