Getting ready to breastfeed

Ensuring that you have enough breast milk

Warning – this is a long post and there is so much to investigate – take your time.

A lot you that will find here is totally outside what you may have been exposed to before, as I am interested in showing you the instructions to actually make the milk and easily – not in the end results in your physical reality – which is where all are trained to focus on when learning about the breastfeeding curriculum in all formal settings. First – start with an easy birth. Perhaps see all I have in this self help site for easy birthing. Then all just naturally follows – as designed.

At the end of a pregnancy your attention may turn to ‘can I make enough breast milk?’ and even ‘will it work?’

pregnant with the earth

No need to worry.
As a mammal, your body will just do it – If you let it.

Perhaps look to getting my eBook version of “What Dads Can Do”?
There is so much into here on helpful massage and acupressure and moxa tips – and he can be busily undoing all back tension for you way before you need to be loose there – so when it happens that breastfeeding is on – he knows what to do.
There is also a section in this on what to do and the MP4 tracks are his instructions. There is more on this site.
Natural birth is best for this, as the entire system is designed to support baby in the next few years, just as your body grew baby without your having to oversee the process.

What to do?

Essentially stay well, and hydrated. Water is THE most important ingredient for easy lactation. Go get a glass (not a bottle as you can’t chug it down fast enough) – get in training for when baby is being totally supported by what is going in your mouth).
Ensure you have a lot of support and food laid on for at least a month after birthing so you can lie back and rest and bond with baby. Go into your cave and all not even visit, but drop off food and ensure all the housework is done, so you can concentrate on getting to know how to mother this baby and also to heal and repair from the birthing/beginning of this new life for both of you.
So many cultures gave mum a golden month (40 days).

Please order your copy of this book now. Jenny Alison explored many different cultures to write this over a decade, The golden month is so important. It was called confinement – mothers stayed within the house and all services came to her. This allowed baby and mum to work out their own schedule – around breastfeeding and sleeping and getting to know how to be together.

There is a great little book out – complete with recipes – Nourishing Newborn Mothers is a great title for such a lovely wee book. It says it all – you may not have done this before – and indeed all babies are different. The beginning of a great support system – perhaps send copies to all who wish to help with your birthing – especially the grandmothers.

What else to do?

As with all things – you can enhance the process
Ensure normal happens. Over the decades of my maternal support I have developed easy ways to ensure easy lactation/breastfeeding. These are based around supporting life and health – which is the scope of all natural health care providers. Please consult your usual health care helper. This is not a medical person. They are the breakdown service, and here we are ensuring that you do not need one.

Mastitis, and lack of supply (only suggestion medically is a drug to make your brain work differently – why not tick all boxes so you can do as all animals – feed well your own young?

I have a group of video clips you can watch here.
The general work has taken a few years to film, and you may find some doubling up – please start watching all that Yvonne has before baby comes so you have a general idea, and then start again once you are in the midst of breastfeeding.

We are blessed with breasts

All mammals have breasts to feed and to grow their babies with.
Being able to do this is hard wired into baby’s survival.
Imprinting is biologically essential.
If we leave mum alone to birth and she is allowed to be completely entranced with baby, all works. It does not when there is interference and often all related to birth is medicalised – and some wonder why then, bonding and breastfeeding falter. Please see more here.

Far easier to not break baby (through all the interventions seen as necessary for life – especially injecting with neurotoxic substances to stop diseases that were never going to be around baby) and by all the procedures that upset baby immediately around birthing – when all the breastfeeding hormones and behaviours need to be established, so baby can live well.

As many – you may have noticed, after birthing, each new person tasked with assisting you has a different idea on what to do. As Yvonne often assists other midwives and lactation consultants, maybe start with common sense coupled with decades of successful results.

Please email her on to set up a Skype appointment, if you are desperate and all else has failed you to date. I have put women to her when many have not been able to help – and over the Skype, she has been able to create a nurturing and safe way that mums can then win with all the past problems of correcting latch, tongue tie, and general traumatic starts.

Be sensible and make sure all is easy!

This starts as all recipes do – with ingredients.


This is all about what your food factory can do with what you put in. Not just about the quality and quantity of sacred foods you choose only to ensure perfect milk and growth for baby and healing for yourself in the first few weeks after birthing.

The basics are here on this site

Fat – baby’s brain, and all hormones and life itself is a matter of relocating what was in one organism into another.  This is not the time to be precious about what you call food (spoken as a past vegan) but what is best for making the best milk possible for baby to grow optimally. Where do you get the fat form? Whatever is solid at room temperature – not oils so much although in nuts, especially seeds and all animal products you will find what is needed. Butter is especially good – slather it on all foods.


(All needed to make better Blood energy and actual blood to then make the milk in your breasts when the let down starts and when baby is suckling).

Macro and micro minerals – iodine for all hormonal and breast health. Zinc to allow the healing the digestive enzymes and life itself. Selenium to allow the iodine to be biologically available for you.

Please see more by investing in the Pregnancy App that is a health guide for all at your fingertips on your phone. A natural problem solving guide for all – a gift to get it into a senior natural health care provider’s head and ask questions that have easy and simple and effective answers – in this case start with the section ‘raw ingredients; and see just what is need to support life and lactation.

Also free flow of your Liver energy to allow this to happen. This may be a new concept – but you already know that if you are at all these, lactation falters. Qi (life energy) lymph, blood and all emotions need to flow freely. When they do not – trouble brews. Much like a large log jamming up a river – all will eventually break free and it may not look pretty – so small issues need undoing before in festering (mastitis) they really change your life experiences.

This could be your shock and trauma still fresh from whatever may have not gone the way you intended at or around the birth. It may be that you have always been a very tense person and you are still. You may be trying to ‘do everything right’ and by micromanaging you are not allowing flows to flow. Undoing all upper back tension, having enough ingredients to run your body, and full support to just go to bed and hang out with new baby is really all that needs to happen.

When baby is fully aware as s/he has not been broken by modern birthing practices and the additional ancillaries (vaccinations especially – all too early if needed at all and all interfering with what nature set up for all to win with. Please do your own research. Perhaps start here. Or here on early vaccination and why it may not be a good idea biologically (what do you think breast are for??) – or when wondering for the older baby and thinking of weaning.
It may also be that, as with my 4th child, the process of having a C section completely messed with your baby’s ability to function. I myself after 4 ½ years of successful breastfeeding knew how to – and he did not. He had been broken.

The vitamin K injection is so full of aluminum that is a direct neurotoxin. Dr Russell Blylock (past neurosurgeon) can leave you in no doubt. It is worth mentioning that all babies got this and none of us knew – it was just what happened.

This was all very traumatic, as my other children (including the one who went onto be massively brain injured after birth) could all suckle and thrived.

A separate section is written for these horror times – so you, as I did – can still feed your much loved precious baby. In some cases, breast milk is what can separate life from death or at least living better and ensuring all that can happen – especially all the immune enhancers that Mother Nature automatically provides (yes – the immunization s all needed for life are made by mum and instantly – often why baby want so keep sucking – so the information passed from babies saliva up through you nipples gets the right ingredients made to enhance babies life.

Far more than food and hydration for baby – it is life itself.

Please research and do not take the medical dogma at its word.
No other mammals need this. We do not either – if we look after life at all stages prior to birthing.

This means all the nutrients especially magnesium (not calcium) and iodine and enough Vitamin D to be able to allow the genes (Jing) to express properly. Great bioavailable ingredients and sensible living are not part of the modern obstetric practices – so you are on your own – and all have managed without all of this til now. Please look again at ingredients – as all the clotting and the blood flow issues are directly related to energy disturbances (heat in the blood, and all these are lack of hydration proper ingredients and a calm, peaceful life.

This may be lacking as you have been told all things may go wrong – a great cycle of medicalised  maternal inner abuse (being told what might go wrong) that only you can turn off. how did pregnant women do before doctors? They had midwives and nature sets you always up to win. Breastfeeding is as essential to baby survival as being made well and coming out when ready, not before time.

Become better informed!!
Birth naturally


Set that up here

All will flow safely and then easy breastfeeding will follow