Lactation Insufficiency

Apparently not enough milk

Breasts are for feeding our children.
They also are a way to get men’s attention so the babies may/will happen

abundance in breastfeeding

  • When you are struggling – as so many are these days – lactation insufficiency – perhaps a look at what else besides chemicals can offer you.
  • Rest,
  • Support
  • Better food
  • More water – look through the ‘ingredients’ already on this site –
  • and also get a moxa stick (not smokeless – the real one – and get started.

Also – Chinese herbs – or anything to build up Blood energy

From a young acupuncturist.
‘Heather, the herbs you recommended me to take, the herbs, really seemed to boost my energy over the 6 weeks I took them (I have just ordered more and some for hubby too!)…not taking them the last month has really showed me the difference. for the month I was taking them, my baby seemed more satisfied (measured by her sleep, settled nature and bowel motions). My body’s response seemed quick too – I felt a boosted difference in vitality right away, I also felt a feeling of milk too which I hadn’t felt since early days (my little one is a year now and still going strong with night and day nursing).

Along with good nourishment, I really felt content taking just this and stopped my long term natal supplement…. In taking the herbs, I had no afternoon dip of tiredness…. all in all this has sparked an interest in herbs for me and working out the balance of supplements alongside. Definitely recommend for ALL breastfeeding woman!’

I read this out to a nursing mum (baby also an avid breast baby night and day) who was in the clinic  – and she said the same – instantly better and much more milk on the herbs (I make up her own mixture).

Words of a mum – who also has spent nearly 40 years supporting women as an acupuncturist in all stages of distress in maternity and returning life to perfectly normal.  .

What to do?
So easy, so effective – use a real moxa stick and get lactating  . .

How did I breastfeed soey  regardless of having C section and being a single mother with no money and other children and all being too hard? Being the cheapest, easiest option – breastfeeding wins.
Also baby’s vaccination alternative – natural mum bridge to the world . .
And a story of after 5 week of complementary feeding – finding herself engorged and fully feeding – what made the difference?
Moxa – and . . .

Easy lactation, especially improving the amount and quality of milk made

Yvonne .  .

A brilliant lactation consultant who has also been a midwife (mainly a home birthing one) for nearly 40 years. Yvonne can assist you at any part of the world via Skype.
Please contact me in the first instance so we can be of immediate assistance to you.
In the meantime – start here.

Please sit down and just listen – it all works  when we let it.




It is so easy
Also contact me as I could send you a package of care products. Self help.

Perhaps also buy the Pregnancy App here as it covers aspects of baby and post birth care – and will be a natural problem solver for you to then start your own healing.
We are meant to suckle our young – and for a lot longer than we do
Flowing is what we do best . .

woman in waterfall
Look also to the work on the Liver Qi – see here.

Please be aware that it is easy – and all you need is to be pointed in the right direction – calm down.

Perhaps right now get someone to do this magic work on you. I have done a crazy amount of work on this – all here also.

Breastfeeding help here (As you can see – I have been on this journey of helping you help yourself for a while – as this is the 2005 version of Heather).
Also undo the lymph congestion.

Look to what I have up here  for you – get the manual in eBook format instantly – and the MP4 files and get someone onto touching you where it matters. As with all my natural healing problem solving  apps – all I do in clinic and that has been developed by my decades of maternal caring is now there all for you – please use it as you and baby do  not need to suffer.
Please – start anywhere on this site – you need loving touch and rehydration and more ingredients – trawl this site for more on the basics as no one else seems to know – and all will help you also stabilise your moods and give you better sleep – better milk – better baby and mum bonding . .

Here to help . . . just ask . .

How is milk even made?
There is something I did not ACTUALLY know (even though I breastfeed easily for over 6 years – including with one massively brain injured baby –

watch Yvonne here.

1 A – milk made on site immediately – Yvonne Argent, a very senior midwife and lactation consultant shares the obvious – we need to have good Blood circulation and production and then all is well.

Please loop back up to the content above – to undoing the Stuck Liver Qi and increasing all fluids, rest and ingredients to heave nature win – as she wants you to.
Happy suckling!!