Breastfeeding for beginners

Yvonne (very senior midwife: mostly home birth – and lactation consultant) walks you through the basics – I myself as a mum who had breastfed for over 6 years (4 children) knew very little of this – it is well worth watching for general knowledge, as so few actually know how to do what comes naturally

Yvonne and who she is . .

The beginning – how do we make milk?

Blood makes milk and blood needs to flow (and have enough fluids in order to have enough fluids to make the milk with).

Milk making and avoiding engorgement

Types of nipples – what to do prior to birth

Getting baby to breast easily

Being comfortable





Baby to nipple not nipple to baby

Size of a newborn’s stomach and how frequently they need to feed

Very big breasted women feeding tips

Different sized nipples and easy solutions

Getting comfortable first

Nipple care – no ice or creams added . Avoid all cold invasion – see why here.

Using breast shields and the ‘let down’ response

Yvonne explains soggy nipple and the care of nipples in general – plus thrush relief
Flat and inverted nipples – what to do

Managing flat and inverted nipples

Baby and lip and tongue ties

Find more on this site about vitally important nutrients for successful life as a woman – regardless of your lactation status . . .

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