Breastfeeding a compromised newborn/baby

Some of us do have them.
No one seemed to be about when I needed help – so here is my offering should you, or someone you know need to know .
Kathryn’s story here.
She was totally breastfed except for one bottle that was thrown out in hospital as they did not label it – naso gastric tube re introduced the cholostrum I had had saved when engorged – good to have things sussed ! (I unwittingly planned ahead)

Please watch . .
Do not break your baby!
Things I had wished that I had knew at the time – as I caused so many problems that were unnecessary – so I am sharing this to you as someone needs to . .
Ask a wise woman . .
I asked Yvonne about a C section will mean – and she instantly said – very tricky breastfeeding.
Listen up – how to win . .
Especially after a C section
Get back your mammalian roots.


What to do?

Specific point to use.

Please look around at what else I have in this site and follow what the wiser, older women tell you
Stories from my clinic (over a decade ago).

What we all were told to do and passed on from one to the other – no need for books and ‘studies’ – follow the other mammals ..