What I wish that I had known .

As a mum of 4 – breastfeeding all

Why did I breastfeed exclusively?
It never crossed my mind to not.

As as a vegan (raw/macrobiotic at that) and thinking I knew better than every other person . .

Life and time moved on

What I wish I could say to that 29 year old . .

Food – still an issue as fruit is not the best way to make better babies – fat and protien and myriad veggies with heaps of clean water drunk is.

Please get ‘clean’/er inside before being pregnant – both of you – and stay on these drops through the breastfeeding stage as the baby will then be left with vastly less of a toxic footprint.

In addition of course do not add any more heavy metals in – as they not only are neurotoxic and lodging forever messing with who they could have been – but the adjuvants stop the nutrients needed to run a body from being within.

Through a baby dying, and being massively brain injured – see below (only one formula feed for Kathryn as the nurse threw out the expressed milk). A large story there – saving a massively brain injured baby and solely on breast milk for on this to finally wean her at 2 1/4 yo .

What I do wish I had known when pregnant and afterwards – with baby number 4.
Want to know about what else iodine would do ?
See my natural health problem solving Pregnancy App I designed with raw ingredients in mind . .

Iodine depletion?

Lack of energy, depression, weight gain, not able to function in humidity or heat,  baby brain, fluid anywhere, baby with lower IQ, and /orASD.ADHD, not enough breast development, insufficient breast milk, sore breasts, gut not working properly and thus GERD and hyperemsis and mornings sickness and most issues with not being ‘with it ‘ generally – all easily remedied – get more iodine and zero other halides (chloride, fluoride and bromides away – see more here. .

I often support women as they learn how to do as I did – as many of us did in decades past – we fed our kids as this is normal . and when they are very ill especially.

If you wonder what else happened in Kathryn’s life – see here.

Breasts are there for our children.